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Tips on getting the best from your Wedding Shoot


 First and foremost ensure that you discuss your wedding shoot with your photographer or photo company. This helps to prevent setting up challenging shooting situations that could work to your disadvantage. More often than not good photos/videos are obtained by planning not by chance. If you have special poses or concerns in mind, be sure to mention them.
 Remember, wedding photos/video does not always have to look traditional. Think outside the box!!!!!

Beach & Shoreline Locations in Negril (Lighting etc.)
 For these locations morning hours are best where lighting is concerned! This gives about a 70% guarantee of having a natural sunlit sparkle and blue sea in the background of your photos and video. There is also the possibility of shadows under the eyelids and chin which can be minimized with the use of fill flash.
 A beach wedding in the afternoon hours offers less than a 50% chance of having a good sunset, about a 50% chance of rain, losing the natural light sooner than anticipated and the possibility of shooting into heavy backlight which will make people look dark (even when using a flash). Video shooting in heavy backlight is worse than shooting still photos - the details of the background and clothing details must be sacrificed to get the necessary exposure on person’s faces.
 Depending on the time of year and time of day, lighting condition can be improved by angling person’s back up the beach as opposed to out to sea. This however may cause more concern with uninvited guest in the background. However with a well timed sunset, and the appropriate amount of flash, your photos can be absolutely breathtaking.

 Brides please remember that when marching up the aisle, walk slowly and try not to look down. This guarantees more opportunities of getting good shots with your eyes open.

 Remember when you are exchanging your vows always look at each other and not the marriage officer. This will give your photos/video a more romantic look and will also lessen the chance of shooting the back of your heads.

 While putting on rings show the bling! Angle your hands in a way that the photographer/videographer can get a clean shot of them.

 Kissing shot looks better when the couple’s faces can be seen from the side by the camera. We know, grooms, that you just want to swoop in and kiss your beautiful bride, but remember in going in for the kiss you can block the view of your bride’s face and end up showing the back of your head to the camera. Don’t worry if you do, this (blocking) inadvertently happens, you might be asked to kiss again to get a better view of your faces.

 It is always good once the ceremony ends that the couple should always try to look at each other and/or make conversation while walking down the aisle towards or away from video camera. This really enhances your wedding video!

 Brides, show off the “rock” while signing the register (even when others are signing) - try to ensure that the hand with the ring is always on the table and not in your lap. Yes, it’s about the bling!!!!!

 If there is no designated podium for guest giving toasts they should be asked to stand close to the people they are toasting. This makes practical sense in capturing a shot that tells the story. Remember that your wedding will be shot with one video camera (unless other arrangements are made), so strategic staging will give more value for money.

Forrester Gayle, FG Photo & Video Contractor, Negril Jamaica

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Comment by slaveofmonster on April 14, 2009 at 6:44pm
Forrester - in your blog you should embed one photo to highlight each point you make. Find the photo on Flickr and grab it's embed code and paste it under the text for each point.

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